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Mind. Body. Balance.

Meraki  (μεράκι)

(n.) The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work

Meraki Psychology Center strives to embody its meaning in the services we provide. Everything we do is with ‘meraki’ or passion. We put ourselves completely into our services and believe the value of our practice is derived from the success of our clients.  We hope to instill this passion in each of you whether it’s having the energy to get through the day, repairing a relationship, or starting a new endeavor. We work with you to find the passion to approach any task with all of your heart, love, and soul.
Everyone can find their meraki!


Practice suggestions will arrive in your mailbox as you start each week!

Monday Mindfulness to start your week off the right way.
“Psychotherapy is the art of finding the angel of hope in the midst of terror, despair, and madness."
–Chloe Madanes
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